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What would a security breach cost your business? Your Home? Your state of mind?

Immediate Costs of a Security Breach:

  • Replacing any lost, damaged or stolen equipment.
  • Restoring lost information.
  • Hurredly, vs. thoughtfully investing in a new or upgraded security system (you're in "crisis management mode").

Additional Costs of a Security Breach:

  • Contacting current and former employees and clients whose records may have been exposed.
  • Cost can include credit monitoring for those affected.
  • Loss of confidence in security team, especially if no evidence is available in any form and the trail goes cold.
  • Exposure to opportunistic lawsuits.
  • Reputation-slaying negative publicity. 


Don't wait for a  crisis to install or update your security systems.

When you plan ahead, you have time to properly design and engineer a security system that best suits your needs..

IP Security of CT is a design/build firm that installs and maintains large commercial systems in all verticals, SMB and residential security systems including video surveillance, access control, intrusion detection, home automation/lifestyle, networking (WiFi) and more. Over the  years we have had a near 100% client retention rate. With us, it's all about the quality of products and services leading to referrals and repeat business, not quantity of clients.



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